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Volume Nine

Editor's Note 1
Tropic of Cancer: The Happy Nihilist
Mario Vargas Llosa 3
Henry Miller's Inhuman Philosophy
Indrek Männiste 9
Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer in the College Curriculum of One Happy Teacher
James C. L. Brown 53
Henry Miller and the Possibility of Wisdom Unfulfilled
Samuel G. Kardec 57
The Embodied American: The Cosmological Eye and the River Through
Dominic Jaeckle 65
Quiet Days in Clichy: Henry Miller's Urban Idyll
Eric D. Lehman 81
Time Tasted: Nancy & Lawrence Durrell in Corfu
Joanna Hodgkin 91
Henry Miller's Black Spring Through the Looking Glass of Jacques Lacan
Hamish Jackson 105
"How long do you intend to stay? Desire Meets Proscription in the Subject of Henry Miller's "Via Dieppe-Newhaven"
Rob Herian 123
To Paris, Via Montreal June 22-23, 1969
Harry Kiakis 145
Cartoon Regarding Tropic of Cancer
Maurice Henry 151
Henry Miller, 2012
John Biscello 152
Miller Notes 153
Contributors' Note 160