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Volume Two

Acknowledgements and Dedication 1
Guest Editor's Note
Karl Orend 2
The Street
Béatrice Commengé 7
The Secret Paris of Henry Miller
J. Gerald Kennedy 15
Making a Place for Henry Miller in the American Classroom
Karl Orend 60
"Convinced of the dead certainty of death": Henry Miller's Tropic of Capricorn and the Nexus of Fear and Violence
James Gifford 67
Henry Miller and Otto Rank
E. James Lieberman 80
Nirvana Needed: The Anarchist Politics of Henry Miller
Eric Laursen 100
Turd in the Whorehouse, Bomb Up the Ass: The Anal Apocalypse of Henry Miller
Paul Hansom 117
The Scandinavian Connection: Impulses from Strindberg's Inferno and Hamsun's Hunger in Miller's Tropic of Cancer
Finn Jensen 130
The Whole Man
Mark SaFranko 144
Georges Duhamel and Luis Buñuel in Tropic of Cancer
Yasunori Honda 149
Henry Miller versus "Our Way of Life"
Barney Rosset 158
Huckleberry Finn and Other Picaros—Barney Rosset's Henry Miller in an Age of Reason, Oppression, and War
Karl Orend 166
Miller Notes 232
Contributor's Notes 240