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Volume Six

Editor's Note 1
What India Means to Me
Henry Miller 3
The Edge of the Miraculous — First Reflections on Henry Miller and Art
Karl Orend 11
Dear Henry, Dear Father — An Epistolary Exchange Between Heinrich and Henry Miller, 1937
Karl Orend 39
Fucking Your Way to Paradise: An Introduction to Anachism in the Life and Work of Henry Miller
Karl Orend 44
Personal Landscapes: The Influence of The Story of My Heart on The Colossus of Maroussi
Eric Lehman 78
Henry Miller Decades Later
Richard Kostelanetz 90
Writing the Underground
Maria Bloshteyn 115
Hoki Enacts the Death of Mishima
Harry Kiakis 165
Henry Miller’s Passionate Reading of Images
Branko Aleksić 169
Henry Miller's Tropic Novels: Weather, Sickness and Benjamin’s Flâneur
Heather Marcelle Crickenberger 184
Transgressing the Law of Literature
Katy Masuga 209
Melancholic “Jabberwhorl Cronstadt” & The Epileptoid Beast
Sadi Ranson- Polizzotti 240
M: the Studio for Henry Miller
Roger Jackson 249
Review Essay: Obelisk and Olympia
Jeff Bursey 260
Miller Notes 263
Contributor's Notes 268