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Volume One

Editor's Note iv
Four Unpublished Letters from Henry Miller to Gershon Legman
Henry Miller 1
Carrollian Nonsense Prose in Henry Miller's "Jabberwhorl Cronstadt"
Jeff Bursey 23
Baudelaire-Miller: Sexual Squalor in Paris
Béa Aaronson 44
Cancer and Nomads: Miller, Brassaï, and a Touch of Deleuze
Finn Jensen 61
Reading Anaïs Nin
Iwona Kozlowiec 72
Damning Praise: George Orwell Confronts the Works of Henry Miller
Stephen Starck 78
Anaïs Nin: Queen of the Albatross
Javant Biarujia 109
Death, Rebirth, and the Self in Tropic of Cancer
Thomas Nesbit 149
Spiral Form and Henry Miller's Altered Ethics: Tropic of Cancer Revisited
Kenneth Womack 163
Three Photographs
Amy Flaxman 175
Henry Miller, You are God
Irving Stettner 178
Miller Notes 180
Contributor's Notes 192