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Volume Three

Editor's Note 1
Paris Revisited
Henry Miller 3
The Miller Affair
Maximilien Vox 13
Maximilien Vox and the Miller Affair
Karl Orend 25
Nobuyoshi Araki, The Crazy Henry Miller
Katrin Burtschell 41
The Artisans of a Legend
Béatrice Commengé 63
Alfred Perlès and June Mansfield—Some Unforgiving Encounters in the Shadow of Henry Miller
Karl Orend 66
Letter from Alfred Perlès to June Mansfield Corbett
Alfred Perlès 77
June Miller: Remnants of a Life
James M. Decker 82
Henry Steps Out
Harry Kiakis 97
Dear Henry
Normajean MacLeod 105
Henry Miller and Anaïs Nin—Artistes de la vie
Jacques Lallié 107
Henry and Me
Susan Kidder Herr 117
Anaïs Nin in the Light of Her Father's Love
Karl Orend 142
1917 Draft Registration Form
Henry Miller 225
Miller Notes 227