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Volume Eleven

Editor's Note 1
Letters from June Corbett to Henry Miller 1965 - 1972, Part 1
Edited by Eric D. Lehman 3
What Are You Going To Do about Max?: Understanding Anti-Semitism in "Max"
Jennifer Cowe 15
"Holy the lone juggernaut!": Miller, Ginsberg, and the Autobiography of the Individual
Dixon Speaker 25
Humanism After Humanism: Henry Miller: Colossus upon Colossus
Omar Sabbagh 37
Big Sur and a Memorable Cup of Tea
Marcus C. De Vaca 51
Movement, Sensation, and Perception: The Wanderings of the Artist and the Emergence of Modern Urbanity
Francesco Bozzi 65
Meeting Miller ...first encounters & initial impressions
Compiled by Dana Cook 111
Daphne Moschos Gilliam Fraenkel and Michael Fraenkel (Bits and pieces from my parent's remembrances and the Onya La Tour diaries at the Indianapolis, Indiana Museum of Art)
Nor majean (Ulery) MacLeod 123
The Reverse of Don Quixote
Dominic Jaeckle 133
"One measure a circle, beginning anywhere": Henry Miller and the Fortean Fantasy
Joshua Buhs 145
Henry Miller and Sacred World
William A. Gordon 169
A Hungry Eye: Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer, Text, and Context
Sarah Garland 179
Pencil Sketches of Henry Miller
Lena Hades Various
Miller Notes 213
Contributor's Notes 241