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Volume Five

Editor's Note 1
Henry Miller's Letters to Herbert Read: 1935-1958
Henry Miller 3
Surrealism's Anglo-American Afterlife: The Herbert Read and Henry Miller Network
James Gifford 36
On Reading Henry Miller's The World of Sex
D.A. Pratt 65
Sex Dreams, Cancer & Nightmares—Joseph Millard Osman, Anonymous Friends, The Tribune Crowd, & Henry Miller's Unknown Book
Karl Orend 135
The Unpublished Correspondence of Henry Miller & André Breton, the "Steady Rock", 1947-50
Branko Aleksić 150
Wilson's Dancing Studio
Randy Chase 173
His Eyes Were the Color of the Sea—Fragments on The Unknown Henry Miller, in Paris, 1931-1933
Karl Orend 178
"Between Ideas and Living": A Foucaultian Reading of Henry Miller
Laraine Rungo 215
Henry Visits Daughter Barbara
Harry Kiakis 241
Finding the Bad in the Good: Miller's Greece and Big Sur Made Whole
Garen Torikian 247
Tropic of Cancer and Sexual Discourse: A "Critical Hole"
Phillip Mahoney 259
Henry Miller and Jean Francois Lyotard: The Aesthetics of "The Inhuman" in Tropic of Cancer
Eric Lehman 272
Emerging from China—Sketches on a Journey in Search of Henry Miller
Karl Orend 285
Henry Miller Art Exhibitions in Sweden 1967 - 1970 - 2005
Magnus Grehn 299
Henry Miller Library Archives
Keely Richter 304
Henry Miller Cartoons
Roger Jackson 307
Miller Notes 323
Contributor's Notes 333