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Volume Ten

Editor's Note 1
White Rabbit: The Reader, The Writer, & Ekphrastic Anxiety in Henry Miller's "Reflections on Writing"
Dominic Jaeckle 3
Examining the Dump Heap: Prejudice in Henry Miller's Moloch
Eric D. Lehman 31
Open Letters from the Hotel Central: My Reply to Emil Schnellock and Henry Miller
Kathleen A. McCloud 43
Henry Miller: Creating the 'New Man' out of 'Chaos': Getting a Handle on Henry Miller
Barry Lee Russell 57
Nostalgia without Chaos: Henry Miller and the Book of Friends
James M. Decker 115
A Confession by the Ping-Pong Table
Harry Kiakis 129
Anaïs Nin's Buried Child: Translator's Afterword to the Japanese version of Winter of Artifice (the Paris edition, 1939)
Yuko Yaguchi 135
The Five Henry Millers: A Personal Essay on Approaching the Story of Henry Miller
D.A. Pratt 147
Henry Miller: A Study
Kevin M. Gallagher 160
Deleuze and Miller's Machines - A Reading of Desire in Tropic of Cancer
Steffen Reitz 169
Henry Miller: A Comic Get Well Card
Anonymous 231
French, Swedish, Japanese and Chinese Publications: A Photographic Listing
Roger Jackson 233
Miller Notes 261
Contributor's Notes 275