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Volume Eight

Editor's Note 1
Letter from Henry Miller to Alfred Perlès
Henry Miller 3
The Face of Richard Osborn
Eric D. Lehman 5
Nothing But Light—Notes on Henry Miller's Birthday Gift for Anaïs Nin & The Tranquility of Struggle
Karl Orend 15
The Genius and Mr. Nobody
Joe Kishton 69
Miller and Seferis: A Mutual Portrait From One Mythologist To the Other
Finn Jensen 91
Love, Pain, Big Sur, and Life as a Bedbug
Harry Kiakis 105
Kilomètre Zéro: Paris Revisited, through the Palimpsest of George Whitman's Shakespeare & Company
Karl Orend 109
"One sit in the middle of a river called nostalgia": The Henry Miller Research Collections at Southern Illinois University Carbondale
James Bantin 129
Close Your Beautiful Eyes: The Denigration of Louis Ferdinand Céline—a Prelude to his Evisceration & Inquiry into the Fate of his "unfortunate plagiarist," Henry Miller, "The American Céline."
Karl Orend 139
On an Old Book about Henry Miller
D.A. Pratt 171
Miller Notes 210