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Volume Seven

Editor's Note 1
Four Letters to George Orwell
Henry Miller 3
Reveries of a Solitary Old Man and His Angels: Henry Miller's Unknown Book and His Encounter with the Magician, Joseph Delteil
Karl Orend 9
Henry Miller and the Celebration of Loss
Natalija Bonic 51
Acceptance and Compassion in Henry Miller's Book of Friends
Eric Lehman 71
Henry Miller's Paris Guidebooks
Kreg Wallace 79
Teach as You Like and Die Happy: Henry Miller as High School Curriculum
Doug Matus 87
A Birthday Party for Henry
Harry Kiakis 97
Crossing Brooklyn Bridge: An Ekphrastic Correspondence between Walt Whitman, Hart Crane and Henry Miller
Katy Masuga 101
June's Arizona Grave
Randy Chase 127
Henry Miller: the Author as Artist
Magnus Grehn 133
June/Nadja: Symbolic Sisters in Arms?
Michael Jones 136
Finding the Feminine: Rethinking Henry Miller's Tropics Trilogy
Allison Palumbo 145
Miller Notes 177
Contributor's Notes 186