Issue 13

Nexus Volume Thirteen is now available!

Volume Thirteen contains contains 11 individual contributions, including reflections by Henry's children, an essay on Miller's time in Corfu, the writings of Henry Miller and Djuna Barnes (by John Clegg), the search for the elusive Tania, and reflections on Miller's contributions to American letters.

214 pages | 80+ photos
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Nexus: The International Henry Miller Journal is an annual periodical dedicated to preserving the legacy of Henry Miller and the Villa Seurat Circle.

The editors offer Nexus: The International Henry Miller Journal in the spirit of scholarly eclecticism, and our guiding critical principle holds that articles should help our audience expand their understanding of Miller and his circle in some small way. Consequently, we welcome all approaches, whether traditional or avant-garde, academic or not.

The editors hope that you enjoy these fresh visions of the Villa Seurat Circle and also that they help you look upon the group's texts with new eyes. The editors feel that the quest for emotionally honest art and self-fulfillment represented by the various Villa Seurat figures should be studied from a variety of angles and contexts. We therefore welcome all approaches that illuminate the works and lives of artists and writers such as: